• TXT, Politecnico di Milano and ANT-X are collaborating to develop and test innovative solutions and services based on the use of drones cooperating with helicopters to be employed in rescue missions.
  • As a result of the collaboration, it is expected to start further projects, activities, and initiatives on topics such as search and rescue operations, advanced air mobility, drones’ mission management, earth monitoring, and cooperation between different aerial means.

MILAN, July 26, 2021 – The three partners announced today that they have signed a collaboration to develop and test innovative solutions and services based on the use of drones, cooperating with helicopters, to be used for helicopter rescue missions in critical conditions. The collaboration agreement represents the framework to develop initiatives, projects and activities ton topics such as search and rescue operations, advanced air mobility, drones’ mission management, earth monitoring, and cooperation between different aerial means.

TXT e-solutions is a multinational provider of end-to-end consulting, software and service solutions. The company participates through its “TXT Research & Innovation” unit which, in collaboration with the Aerospace & Defence business unit, has always been active in the development of new solutions, incorporating and developing new technologies to bring to market, continuously innovating its offering. TXT will provide its expertise in terms of the development of training and simulation systems that include the development of dedicated ground stations, the development of embedded software and its own software products that enable the exploitation of the potential of Virtual Reality.

Michele Sesana, Innovation Manager at TXT e-solutions, said: “The collaboration with Politecnico di Milano and ANT-X is a demonstration of TXT e-solutions’ willingness to invest in a constantly expanding sector with concrete potential for business development in the short term. The opportunity to take advantage of the vision and contribution of academic knowledge will allow the creation of innovative products and services to offer to all our customers in the aerospace market”.

Politecnico di Milano, one of Europe’s most renowned technical universities, participates through its Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER). The department is a leader in aeronautics and space research and actively contributes to innovation and   to the development of new technologies. In the emerging Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector, the department promotes the development of long-term strategic alliances with leading companies, sharing research and development activities, joint participation to public and private research programmes, co-creation of patents and organisation of training activities.

This is what Giuseppe Quaranta and Pierangelo Masarati, professors at Politecnico di Milano and points of contact for this initiative, say: “We plan to take part in research projects, as well as launching Master’s degree theses and PhDs with our students for the development of innovative solutions based on the use of AAM systems focusing on aspects such as Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), automation and simulation, and also on the development of new types of air services that can improve the lives of citizens”.

ANT-X, a spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano, will contribute with its expertise in the design, prototyping and flight testing of custom multi-rotor drone platforms for specific industrial applications.

Simone Panza, co-founder and CEO of ANT-X says, “As a spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano we intend to establish a synergy with the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, where we have gained experience as a research laboratory in the field of guidance, navigation and control of UAVs; we believe in this effective collaboration model, in which the research activity generated by the DAER is complemented by ANT-X’s expertise in drone development and prototyping. The collaboration between Politecnico di Milano, TXT e-solutions and ANT-X also makes it possible to create a consortium with the appropriate variety of know-how and skills to generate innovations in the multidisciplinary drone sector.


Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER), Politecnico di Milano

DAER is a department of the Politecnico di Milano, the only one in Italy dedicated exclusively to research and training in the fields of design and management of atmospheric and space vehicles, as well as environmental compatibility of air transport, and the exploitation of wind as an energy source.


DAER PoliMI Public Relations

Laura Dalzini, laura.dalzini@polimi.it

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