The market of industrial drones offers ready-to-use and affordable solutions to users who wish to employ drones into industrial applications (e.g., inspections, surveillance, logistics, just to name a few).

However, in many cases such solutions do not match with the needs of the user’s particular application in terms of size, geometric constraints, payload capability, or endurance.

Moreover, such solutions often feature proprietary – and closed – software running onboard and on the ground control station; this often allows for limited possibility, if none at all, to do modifications to integrate with existing infrastructure and/or integration with additional payload.

Our experience gathered in the past few years in the research area of guidance, navigation and control of UAVs allowed us to gain competences and insight in the process of design, prototyping, integration and flight testing of custom UAV platforms.

As a spinoff company, we are able to:

Design drone solutions tailored to the specific application, based on the user’s requirements.

Identify and integrate a suitable sensor payload to the user’s particular application.

Cover the entire development process of the UAV, including design, integration and prototyping.

Assist the user in operations, in particular providing assistance to guarantee compliance to regulations.

Innovative configurations

We can leverage our experience as a research laboratory in the field of aerospace guidance and control, and propose innovative configurations beyond classical coplanar multi-rotor UAVs.

Open-source software

We employ state-of-the-art open-source software running onboard the drone, which allows for easy integration with payload and existing infrastructure.

Bring your ideas to reality

Do you own a business? Can you imagine new ways in which drones could innovate and improve your activity?

By meeting your vision with our expertise, we can study the feasibility of your idea of drone application and bring it to reality.

The drone sector is becoming a reality worldwide. The co-evolution of technology and regulations all over the world has now reached a significant level of maturity. The commercial and professional operation of drones can add value to a wide range of industry sectors thanks to the improving level of automation and, in perspective, of autonomy, in their operation. Because of this, research and education in the fields of drone perception, guidance, navigation and control have never been as important and timely as they are today. ANT-X, through its turnkey laboratory solution based on state-of-the-art technology components, bridges the gap between the needs of the nascent drone industry and higher education institutions all over the world.