The ANT-X 2DoF Drone is a laboratory test-bed which represents in a simplified, yet effective and accurate way the coupled attitude and translation dynamics of a drone.

The platform is conceived for educational and research activity, offering to academic students and researchers the opportunity for hands-on learning on a real drone.

Real drone dynamics

Simplified, yet effective and accurate representation of coupled attitude/translation drone dynamics.

Remote access

Allow users to run experiments also remotely. Make the laboratory facility available anytime from anywhere.

Command from MATLAB

Interact with the drone from MATLAB®: send commands and collect data.

Open source

An open source software environment, based on PX4® and ROS.

Test in safety

Experimentally validate flight control concepts in a safe and controlled environment.

A hands-on experience

Transition from theory to practice, by working on real drones.


The drone sector is becoming a reality worldwide. The co-evolution of technology and regulations all over the world has now reached a significant level of maturity. The commercial and professional operation of drones can add value to a wide range of industry sectors thanks to the improving level of automation and, in perspective, of autonomy, in their operation. Because of this, research and education in the fields of drone perception, guidance, navigation and control have never been as important and timely as they are today. ANT-X, through its turnkey laboratory solution based on state-of-the-art technology components, bridges the gap between the needs of the nascent drone industry and higher education institutions all over the world.