he drone industry is rapidly expanding worldwide and academic research and education in this field have been increasing at a similar pace. Experimental activities can make research and education significantly more valuable.

ANT-X provides laboratory equipment for research and education in multi-agent systems, flight robotics, flight control and aerospace control.

The ANT-X laboratory solutions are designed focusing on the need for ready to use and customizable platforms for research and education.

The ANT-X laboratory solutions allow to:

Enable academic researchers to achieve a fast transition to practice of advanced design methods for GNC systems.

Enrich the students’ experience in flight robotics and UAV control through hands-on experimental activities.

Our products

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What we do

We enable a simple and fast transition to experimental activities in education and research thanks to the tight integration among the laboratory components.

We design and manufacture safe, robust and reliable drones, based on years of experience in laboratory work using state of the art hardware and processes.

We provide an industrially relevant research and education environment thanks to the use of PX4, the de facto worldwide standard in open source flight software.

We provide a complete software infrastructure enabling prototying and testing through our custom-designed sofware tools and PX4 modules.

We share years of experience in research and education in drones guidance, navigation and control through educational material based on state-of-the-art analysis and design methods.

We enable our users to become part of the PX4 community, which provides many tools for drone developers to create tailored solutions for drone applications.

The drone sector is becoming a reality worldwide. The co-evolution of technology and regulations all over the world has now reached a significant level of maturity. The commercial and professional operation of drones can add value to a wide range of industry sectors thanks to the improving level of automation and, in perspective, of autonomy, in their operation. Because of this, research and education in the fields of drone perception, guidance, navigation and control have never been as important and timely as they are today. ANT-X, through its turnkey laboratory solution based on state-of-the-art technology components, bridges the gap between the needs of the nascent drone industry and higher education institutions all over the world.